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“Inclusion means everyone” is the motto of the ani Group team.

As an inclusion leader, you are faced with the challenge of ensuring that everyone takes part in the work you do.

The ani Group team has recognised the challenges faced by D&I

and people leaders and developed the ani Calendar and strategy. The calendar has taken months of research to include every minority group protected under the Equality Act to ensure that key awareness dates are observed.

The ani Calendar is a 12 month planner that recognises key dates, weeks and months of awareness that will support a D&I leader to ensure they are fully inclusive in the work they do.


This calendar is accompanied by a guide that breaks down every date and outlines light touch and all-out actions to help you plan activities that will ensure your inclusion strategy reaches the entire organisation.


In addition to the calendar, our team will build you a free bespoke strategy based on your goals for the coming year. Our team will review your CSR strategy or inclusion plans and provide you with a 12-month plan of activities that you can undertake to meet your goals.

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