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City 4 All

True inclusion means everyone can gain access. Whether it is for physical locations or everyday life needs, we all have the right to be able to access what we need and want.


City4All is a model that brings together business, public sector, community and education to ensure that the places in which we live, work and play, can provide what every one of us needs.


City4All is not a project that ends in a few years, it is a framework to build on and expand as the needs of our cities change.

Cardiff 4 All

Cardiff has been chosen to be the pioneer of the City4All model, the first to test and trial the concept.


Our capital is set to host the UK's first-ever World Wheelchair Rugby European Championships in 2023.


The city was chosen after Great Britain was awarded the hosting rights for the competition.


It was the GB wheelchair rugby team that claimed a historic gold medal in the delayed 2020 Tokyo Paralympics this summer.

In preparation for the championship, the ANI Group are working with partners all over the city to get our fantastic capital accessibly ready for this amazing occasion. We need your help!

We have been championing an accessible capital city for many years but there has never been a better time or reason to make the changes we need for that vision to come to life!



How You Can Get Involved

- You might have a CSR strategy that can be fulfilled by participating in one of these key activities.


- You might have the budget to sponsor activities and invest in the work being done.


- We anticipate that you will have skills and knowledge that can help the timeline to move quickly and to     implement change.


- It goes without saying that we need financial resources to undertake all the work, but equally, we need support and networks to see the vision come to life.

Get In Touch

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