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aniGroup was founded by disabled entrepreneurs. We recognise that starting a business when you live with a disability or long term health condition is a challenge. As an organisation we have a bespoke package of support that develops the business aspirations of a disabled entrepreneurs.

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Communities share common interests and have the opportunity to embrace diversity. Working in communities, aniGroup exists to ensure all stakeholders are involved in the sense of belonging and to facilitate a positive environment for difference and change.

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Whether we are working with ALN (SEND) students on developing their work experience or ensuring students learn in an inclusive and supportive environment, aniGroup facilitates the delivery of knowledge and advocacy within an educational setting.

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Supporting business to achieve inclusion is the heart of what aniGroup delivers. Specifically we are leaders in disability and employment but extend our work to a wider inclusion agenda.

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People are at the heart of every element of society. aniGroup ensures individuals can come together to create an authentic and relevant voice to ensure change and true inclusion for everyone.

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