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1 Program

The 1 Program is a journey, a partnership between your organisation and ours. We anticipate it will take you 18 months to develop all the key areas of this program which ultimately will ensure you are delivering on every area of equality, diversity and inclusion, not just within your organisation but for your customers and supply chain. 


1program really lives up to its name. One program for your organisation that means you won’t have to sign up for lots of individual and expensive programmes. You get everything you need, relevant, up to date and easy to follow. The program goes at your pace and gives you everything you could possibly need. 

Key Areas of the 1 Program

Quarterly consultancy x 2 hours 

This is your time, you choose the direction of these sessions and we can use then in any way you need. Your first consultation will be to discuss your current situation and then after that it will be built according to your needs and direction. 

Inclusion Calendar bespoke to strategy 

It can be really hard to keep up with all awareness days, know what to observe and what activities to carry out on those days. We have a calendar that is crammed full of everything and anything you will need. We will, after our first consultation session, build a twelve month calendar that you can follow based on your company's needs. 

So let’s take a look at the program itself. Every quarter we release to you then next three modules for you to work on from the list below. We will have core modules that every company will need to use and then tailored modules where the theme may be the same but the approach to it will depend on where you are in your inclusion journey for that particular area. 

The intention isn’t for you to have all the modules completed every quarter, it is to start the work and build the content for those modules with people from your organisation and ours. 

1. Policies 

2. The Terminology 

3. Board Engagement 

4. Activities and Awareness 

5. Customer Focus 

6. ERGs and Networks 

7. ESG 

8. Employee Engagement 

9. Marketing 

10. Training and Upskilling 

a. If you set inclusion as part of your induction agenda then from the start of their journey within your organisation every staff member and manager is invested into your inclusive culture. This module looks at creating and implementing training initially for everyone new coming into the company but also an upskilling of all the current workforce using the same programme. How do you get buy in and culture shift? We will show you how! 

11. Recruitment 

a. We are hearing all the time that we need a more diverse workforce and they are out there but how do you ensure that you finding the best talent for your organisation and providing the right starting point for potential new talent through your recruitment processes. How do you ensure you aren’t recruiting people like you? What role does unconscious bias play and how can we remove those barriers? 

12. Retention 

a. If you think recruitment is a costly process then you need to revisit the impact on your bottom line, every time someone leaves simply due to the organisation not being a great fit for their personal needs. The world of work is no longer about who can offer the biggest salary. People often look for the social conscious of the organisation both for employees and the wider community. 

13. Line Manager/Team Leader Engagement 

a. There is no such thing as the excuse of a bad line manager and yet often people leave an organisation due to lack of support from one. Your line managers can often be the key to discrimination occurring and the law being broken when it comes to equality. 

Often it is unintentional but that doesn’t make it ok. How do you ensure every line manager has all the knowledge they need? How can you safeguard from discrimination at the most important point? 

14. Strategy and action plans 

a. Doing all of this work and then not creating an action plan would be a complete waste of your resources and time. You will have everything you need, with one of our consultancy sessions, to build a plan for EDI that will give you the confidence to develop the organisation you want to build. 

15. D&I Board 

16. Diverse Reporting 

17. Culture Framework 

18. Tools/Resources 

19. Supply chain 

20. Role of HR 

21. Awards and Accolades 


1. Starting point is the framework for organisation analysis 


2. E Guide 

Each section 

· What we are going to achieve? 

· Key elements 

· Action points 

· Key people to involve 

· Why are we including this?

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