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Why Create Our DEN

Being an entrepreneur takes a unique kind of person. Being a disabled entrepreneur usually means a unique way of doing business. Entrepreneurship development typically focuses upon the idea and often forgets that entrepreneurship is in fact a person. A disabled person brings and faces, many unique challenges to the business model of entrepreneurship support, one that mainstream programs fail to embrace.


The Disabled Entrepreneurs Network seeks to develop a unique talent of people with an innovative approach that includes the individuality of their experience and the knowledge of those who have gone before them to deliver a disability business model that ensures the person is at the heart of the development and that innovation takes place in a safe space.

Key Elements







The Future

The future of disabled entrepreneurship is at an exciting and crucial crossroads!


No longer accepting a one size fits all approach, DEN embraces the uniqueness of the individuals at the heart of the support opportunities and ensures the development of their innovation to deliver an inclusive entrepreneurial community.



DEN is a platform to Develop, Encourage and Nurture!

Inclusion means everyone
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