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Accessibility Enterprise works ahead of the curve in the arena of disability inclusion, seeking to disrupt the archaic narrative that exists in disability work.


Working with employers, AE ensures that disability inclusion is included within the company culture and is not left out of the conversation.


Working with entrepreneurs, AE ensures starting and developing a business idea is not inhibited by the presence of disability or a long-term health condition.


ENW was started to tackle inequality - helping to change mindsets through awareness and training. By providing ideas and programs, we encourage and support individuals, communities, and organisations to become more inclusive.


ENW means ‘Name’ in Welsh. Our name forms the foundation of our identity. Over time, a person’s identity is built on several different elements.


As our lives progress some of those elements or characteristics are protected by law. These protected characteristics are outlined in the 2010 Equality Act.


Changing Cultures exist to bring together the responsibility that businesses face doing more in society and the organisations that are working every day to make the world a better place.

Changing Cultures works with businesses to help them consider how they impact the ecosystem around them.

Changing Cultures works with the not-for-profit community to create sustainability and social impact.

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