white text saying ani partners on two lines with a black background. There's a pink squiggle on the letter a, white squiggle above the i, orange on the p and a green squiggle on the a.
The Legacy in the Community logo has an arrow in the centre of a circle. The arrow is of a field and trees. Arround is a circle with flat coloured curved arrows, teal, purple, red, orange and green

Legacy in the Community exists to overcome discriminatory barriers in the workplace and educational spaces. Ultimately delivering meaningful advances for all. Whether working with individuals, communities, or businesses, LitC is focused on end goals that will facilitate positive developments. Legacy provides critical information, support, and resources to implement transformative actions!

A green square with five white rectangles of different lenghts down the right side. Inside the bottom rectangular box are the letters wbsa

Work-Being Support Agency UK is a professional bureau offering specialist assistance to support people in employment who have long-term disabilities or health conditions. Our comprehensive set of services range from training and consultancy to mentoring and providing the necessary workplace infrastructure for an employee to carry out their job successfully.

With a thorough, inclusive, and flexible approach WBSA UK delivers focused information, resources, and strategies tailor-made to assist the individual across all industry sectors and markets to ensure their professional experience is never impinged by their physical or mental parameters.

DIG logo.png

Learn web accessibility best practices with the friendliest experts around. Dig Inclusion are the only experts you'll ever need to achieve WCAG web accessibility certification.


Providing manual web accessibility testing services backed with easy to follow plain English reports and Helpdesk support for those who need it, all designed to help you achieve WCAG compatibility and retain it going forward. Their web accessibility training is second to none, whether it be our off-the-peg courses or a course designed specifically for the needs of you and your team.


And once you have experienced their fantastic customer service, you will join the ever growing list of businesses, charities and public sector organisations who won't go anywhere else.

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Sign Solutions are a full-service provider and the only specialist organisation in the UK that offers interpreting, training, communication support, translations and pre-booked/on-demand video interpreting all in one place.

Over the last 20 years Sign Solutions have been awarded various prestigious accolades recognising their commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, quality and security, as well as for the unbeatable services they provide.

Aspire2Be Black.png

As the only UK Professional Development Partner for Apple, Google, and Microsoft, Aspire Be are uniquely placed to provide a wide breadth of contextualised digital skills development.


Their range of professional development programmes are built and designed with you, capturing your learning and development requirements.   will ensure your staff are digitally enabled to maximise productivity and streamline processes.

CaptionEd Logo.png

Caption.Ed build technology products that help remove barriers. They believe that everyone has the right to live the life they wish and disability should not stand in the way. Their products are used by thousands of people worldwide, daily.