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Equal Seat Within Government For Disability

The Purple Vote, a voice for disabled people within government. This is at the forefront of what we are working for, we aim to bring about positive and meaningful change not tomorrow but today because disabled people's voices need to be heard. We believe that disability should be at the heart of, government's agenda and with your help, we will fight for it.

Our Mission

Purple Vote is fighting for an equal seat at the table for disabled people within politics, because disabled voices matter just as much as anyone else. 


Only by fighting for that seat by using our voices can we push for real meaningful change to make disabled people lives better, not tomorrow but today. 

Purple Vote At A Glance

A Distinct Identity

The Purple Vote was created through Legacy International Group, because at Legacy we turn words into actions. Back in February 2020, we realised that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch the Purple Vote.

The Purple Vote is not a party. It is a movement of people that realise that society needs to change. As a movement of people, we are far stronger in pushing for that voice within, government for disabled people. 

We aim to build bridges and get the opinions of the disabled community out there for society to listen to their voices.