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three letter v's with a solid circle above each one. The first v and circle are pink, the second set orange and the final v and circle are in green

Virtual World of Work

The Virtual World is an online E-learning platform accessible to everyone. This Virtual environment allows students to learn and gain knowledge within the work-life without leaving the comfort of their classroom or home. 

VWW is an interactive tool where a student can trial a job role or employment skills without having to be in the physical environment. Young people need the opportunity to experience the world of work before they start a job in that sector. We have created somewhere where the individual will learn and gain knowledge but they also grow in confidence. VWW is a discovery tool. Students can try roles they may never have considered, in a safe space where there is no place to fail.


There are worksheets, classroom tasks and tutor resources to go along with this program, we also aim to have the course accredited. 

Each World Contains

  • 5 different job roles in the industry 

  • An interactive scenario tool 

  • An overview of each job and their responsibilities 

  • Worksheets to complete alongside the program 

  • Classroom resources  


  • To try out roles within various settings to expand a student's capacity to find a career.  

  • To teach employability skills  

  • To offer an interactive platform to run alongside existing career resources and programmes  

  • To give students confidence to try work experience in the real world after completing a role they enjoyed online  

  • To create a bridge between education and the world of work 

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