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ani Group

Inclusion is not a new phenomenon. Its origins may be traced back to the early 1900s and the welfare pioneers. That means that for over 120 years we have been talking about and trying to achieve a society where everyone is included. Diversity and Equality however, are slightly newer concepts being introduced between the 1940s and 60s, that in some ways have proven more divisive than inclusive.  

We have seen the evolution of the protected characteristics and now we have identified 9 key areas that should be recognised due to the risk that in everyday life they can face discrimination. The creation of the Equality Act in 2010 has put inclusion right at the fore of not just business but every part of our lives but how do we ensure true inclusion happens for everyone? 

We have to look at the intersectional bigger picture. Gone are the days of one key characteristic being highlighted over another. We are all more than one characteristic and so every aspect of society and our lives have to now reflect this move towards inclusion meaning everyone.


The ANI Group is looking to make this a more joined up and thought-out process for us all.

ani Philosophy

Every conversation about inclusion must include ME

Decisions need to be made with US

The sector has to work together as ONE


Inclusion Means Everyone!

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