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Sara is stood to Leightons left hand side as they look at the camera. Sara with a big grin is in a black lace blouse and Leighton with his left hand on Saras shoulder is wearing a pink blazer and flower patterened shirt. In the background is the Principality Stadium pitch and seating.

Our journey started together over a passion for creating an accessible world.


In our five years of partnership, we have moved barriers we didn’t even know existed back when we started.


As we developed our passion for access we went on a journey with our clients and realised that they needed far more from us.

Inclusion is a vast and essential subject within business and navigating every area of it was challenging for even the most capable organisation. The world is no longer looking at inclusion one lens at a time but now has to approach it in an intersectional way. This is where we lead from the fore!


If you have met us, you'll never forget us!


Sara pursued a career as "her own boss" simply because at 23 she was told she would never work again in the NHS due to a diagnosis of a muscle-wasting disease.


Bowel cancer in 2011 and resulting ileostomy sugery changed Leighton's outlook on life.


Inclusion, we live and breathe it!

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